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SPR fix question

Question asked by Daniel Myers on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by Daniel Myers

Can someone look up SPR 727930 for me and tell me what the fix is?  I got this email, but I don't have access to look it up anymore.  I'm very curious what this fix is.  We have very large electrical cabinet models, and this has been a major drawback; our CPUs get to a point where they just can't handle any more terminal blocks being added because there are too many mates.


The following SPR (SolidWorks Performance Report) status has changed to Closed (Duplicate).


SR# (Service Request): 1-8169715194

SPR#: 890659

Description: Reduce the number of mates created when inserting 3D terminal components into an assembly.

Status: Closed (Duplicate).

Version: See SPR 727930


I wonder now if they just closed my SR and the SPR is still in work.