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In a new sheet format, how can I set an automatic field that displays the mass of my solid part?

Question asked by David Bracke on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by David Bracke

In Solidworks 2017, I have figured out how to manually do this:

After modeling the solid part, make the drawing,

1) add a Note,

2) select Link Property to enter Link Property menu,

3) click File Properties to enter the File Properties menu,

4) set a Property Name [ANY_NAME],

5) select Type "Text",

6) enter Value / Text Expression of "SW-Mass@[SOLID_PART'S_FILE_NAME_GOES_HERE].sldprt",

7) click OK to go back to Link Property menu,

8) select Property Name [ANY_NAME],

9) click OK.


It's not exactly quick.  Now I'll have to do this ... several hundred times, and I'm trying to figure out what syntax I need to make it happen automatically.  I think that step 6 is where there could be a solution.


Specifically, I have made a custom sheet format with my name signed and a few other details set in advance, so I can go directly from my solid model to a halfway-finished sheet.  I want the mass value to pull automatically from the solid model.  I know there are some other syntax lines that do the same, such as $PRPSHEET:{Material} and $PRPSHEET:{Finish}, so I think there must be a similar way to call the mass value.


I have tried $PRPSHEET:{Mass} and have had no luck.  Does anyone know another possibility?


Or maybe I'm approaching this from the wrong point-of-view and there is an easier answer?





EDIT:  Okay, I am blind.  This feature is already built into the default templates, labeled as "weight", and it is blank unless you set a material for the 3-D model.  I suppose my question should be rephrased - can I call any other information from my solid model in the same way?