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Workgroup PDM Implementation Guide

Question asked by Declan McTiernan on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2009 by Kenneth Barrentine
Hi All,
I was hoping that someone can help. We have PDMworks at our company for a while now but have never implemented it. I was hoping that someone could provide some guidance or an implementation guideline (step by step approach) and also make recommendations on folder structure and organisation of data.

We manufacture bespoke solutions to food processing plants (conveyors, special purpose machines, etc) and could be considered a "Projects" based company. We would also have an extensive library of common parts that can be used on any piece of equipment if required.

I really hope someone can assist. Our VAR said that they couldn't make recommendations as they can't tell us how to organise our CAD data, its up to ourselves. All I wanted was some general recommendations and things to be considered when implementing a PDM systems, such as unique file names, folder structures, etc. It would be great if someone could post the implementation plan and guidance documents that another VAR uses.

Thanks in advance,