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Changing Smart Fastener Type

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on Apr 13, 2020

According to [this](2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Editing Smart Fasteners )

I should be able to swap out the type of smart fastener with a few clicks, but the menu items mentioned in the docs don't exist...Right clicking on Smart Fastener only has "Edit Smart Fastener with Hole". Furthermore, there is not "Results" section. I would like to change the type of smart fastener, but cannot find a way to do this without completely removing the fastener and inserting a new one from scratch.


The assembly I am working with atm has a "Hole Series" hole, with a "Place Fastener". The fastener type is listed in the "Smart Fasteners Section" when editing the Hold Series or Smart Fastener feature, but I see no way of swapping this for an alternative fastener. See screenshot attached. Anyone know how to change this out for another fastener other than unclicking "place fastener" and starting from scratch with another feature, or added toolbox component and remating everything?