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DraftSight Dimensions Don't Match Drawing (Scale Problem?)

Question asked by Iain Hendry on Apr 10, 2020

Quite often I get sent a 2D Drawing (DXF or DWG) from a customer and I open it in DraftSight.  If I want to determine a dimension that they haven't included on the drawing, I typically just add my own.  If the drawing is scaled, I have to multiply the dimension by the scaling factor to get the actual value.


For example, If the scale of the drawing is 1:10, and I measure 200 mm, I know that actually means 2000 mm.


I have been given a drawing that says the scale is 1:12.5, but when I place an identical measurement next to one indicated, it doesn't match.  For example, the dimension already on the drawing (in blue) as 2000 mm, actually measures as 156.0000:


Part of the drawing, as sent to me


After adding my own dimension to double-check the scale


However, 2000 divided by 156 is something like 1:12.82051282..... not 1:12.5.


I feel like I am missing something really obvious here in DraftSight as far as how dimensions are made.  Or, is it just that the person who made this drawing potentially originally had it at 1:12.5, then resized it a little at some later point, which screwed everything up?


Does anyone else ever have this same problem?  If so, what is your workaround?


Thanks in advance,