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SheetMetal. change bend to bump form.

Question asked by Justin Pires on Apr 9, 2020
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Vendor called to tell me he cant roll form a part I made but he can bump it. Is there a feature I can add to the end of my feature tree, that changes a bend to bump formed with X amount of bends or X spacing between bends? (I'm thinking of configurations and assembly references I dont want to destroy.)


Or change the bend to bumped? Less Ideal cuz its likely to BORK my assembly.


Or any cleaver work arounds? maybe cut out the bend and do some kind of sweep/loft that allows bump form. Then merge?


I dont think I care about the true flat length of the part (bump would be very different then brake) because the vendor has already cut the part and wants to try and make it work.... nightmares, but what ever.


Thank you for your time!


Edit: added PRT zip


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