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How to rename a custom toolbox part after it has been used in an assembly?

Question asked by Christopher Buckley on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2020 by Christopher Buckley

I often download 3D models from suppliers like McMaster Carr, and often want to rename the part file name from its default (i.e. oldName.SLDPRT -> newName.SLDPRT). This is typically just so I can find parts easier in the tree, but has other uses as well (default BOMs filled correctly, etc.).


All is well if I think to do this before I use the toolbox part in an assembly, but I recently found one I had forgotten to rename in an assembly I'm working on. I've tried quite a few ways to rename the part, but all result in some kind of error.


The methods I've tried:

  • Method 1: Change Filename in Toolbox configuration GUI oldName.SLDPRT -> newName.SLDPRT (This apparently **should** work according to the documentation 2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Toolbox - Customize Hardware )
    • Result: Toolbox will not save with "Failed to save Toolbox library" error. Worse still, if I close the toolbox at this point it replaces the Filename field with [Parent Directory Name Here]newName.SLDPRT with a red box around it.
  • Method 2: Rename part file in Solidworks Explorer.
    • Result: Error "Unable to rename [filename] to [newfilename]. Rename failed." Also no references are found in the "Update where used".
  • Method 3: F2 to rename in assembly tree.
    • Result: Error: "You cannot rename toolbox components"
  • Method 4: Change part file name in Windows Explorer in the local managed toolbox root directory (C:\Solidworks\Toolbox2019\browser\Custom\Bolts and Screws\oldName.SLDPRT)
    • Result: Part is suppressed when assembly is reopened. Pressing unsuppress appears to do nothing. No error, and does not unsuppress it. The "Edit Toolbox Components" option is no longer there on right-click. Only option at this point that I see is to replace the part with another part (which appears not to allow replacement with a toolbox part), or to go back and rename the file in Windows Explorer to its original name (assuming you remember). If I forgot the original part name, then this toolbox part is essentially screwed up and all dependent assemblies will need to be manually fixed (disastrous!)


Any ideas how to rename an already used toolbox part without breaking everything?


Machine Details:
Solidworks Premium 2019 SP5.0

Toolbox (Local directory managed)

Windows 10 Pro

Nvidia Quadro K2100M