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Purge VariableValue table?

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Terry Raymond

I did a bit of cleanup today and found that I have millions unnecessary rows in our VariableValue table.


2 million are from a ~2013 bug where you needed to have a space in a value or the property got deleted from Solidworks.  7 years of that.  I think these can theoretically all be deleted but want to do it in a safe way...


Other half are from weldment cutlist members where the cutlist folder name changed between versions.  PDM makes new rows for all properties if the cutlist folder name changes; it treats it like a brand new file instead of a revision.  So over the typical 3-10 versions a weldment might see during design, PDM is making that many copies of all the properties in the VariableValue table.  My thought on this is to somehow delete the old revisions completely.  If I were to do a cold storage schema and delete old versions, does it also delete data from the database?  Or those records still kept?

I could copy all those weldments into new files, and destroy the old revisions... though that's a last resort and not worth it at this time.


Asking as our vault is running slower than I'd like.