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Can SOLIDWORKS create a rendered floor plan from importing a PDF or DWG file?

Question asked by Corey Moran on Apr 8, 2020

Hi all!  I'm new to SOLIDWORKS.  My background includes Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, and ACAD.  I'm mainly looking into SOLIDWORKS because I want to create 3D floor plans for HVAC projects.  I can't install iRender for Sketchup becuase it's not approved.  However, SOLIDWORKS is and they're asking me to check into.


So my question; has anybody used SOLIDWORKS to create a 3D floor plan from a DWG/PDF file and rendered it using SOLIDWORKS?


Do you have any example images of SOLIDWORKS and the result of their rendering tool (Photoview 360)?


Does this seem practical to expect this tool to do this?  I ask becuase SOLIDWORKS seems like a big overkill for something that should be very simple.