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SW Electrical Cabinet Layout keeps stretching terminal block symbols

Question asked by Andrew Smagala on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by Jeff Jordan

For the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on.


I have 18 terminal blocks that I want to add.  I have associated a manufacturers part with each terminal block.

I have a drawing 2D footprint associated with that part that is drawn i believe to the correct scale.


But whenever I attempt to place the terminal block into the cabinet layout drawing the individual terminal block ends up being stretched to the size i am expecting all of the terminal blocks to be.

I am right on the edge of finalizing this design packet but this is the last issue standing in my way.  I have tried removing the dimensions from the manufacturer part, changing the 2D layout.  I am going to try and change the scaling in the cabinet drawing but I am about at my wits end here what am I doing wrong?