Dave Wijdemans

How to open assy and all sub assy's with specified configuration when available

Discussion created by Dave Wijdemans on Apr 8, 2020

I have a assembly with 2 parts:

- assembly : has only "Default" configuration

- part 1: has only "Default" configuration

- part 2: has "Default" and "Simplified" configuration


When I open the assembly with the following "Advanced" settings:

It opens with part 2 in "Simplified" configuration and the rest in "Default" configuration.

Now I save the assembly and close it.

When I open the assembly again normally, then part 2 will be displayed as "Simplified" configuration.


I would like to be able to open the assembly normally with only "Default" configurations for all parts.

Without having to select "Advanced" and use "Default" in the dialog:

So I need the vb code to open an assembly with only "Default" configurations for all parts/sub-assy's in it.

Is there somebody that can help me with this ?