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    Search based on file size?

    Tim Turpin
      Have come across many files in Enterprise vault in which there are no features in the part, basically empty except there are custom properties listed. These file sizes are relatively small, less 40K.

      Is there a quick way to search based on file size?

      I know I can get results searching for all .sldprt and then sortingbased on file size but is there an actual way to search based on file size.

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Search based on file size?
          I looked around and messed with trying to set a custom property based on the file size and I couldn't find one. So, I wrote an add-in. Load the addin and make sure you have a variable called 'FileSize' (number type) set. Upon checkin the addin will set the file size to the variable.

          It won't work for your existing files, but it's a start and the project might give others some tips.