Baljinder Shahi

Create Drafting for  Weldmements (The right way)

Discussion created by Baljinder Shahi on Apr 7, 2020

Hello Experts ,
hope everyone is staying safe
so i recently assigned to create a standing platform for one our machinist
since i never drawn weldment drawings before , so while making it i have concerns over how to covey my drawing to the welder efficiently and effectively
attached is the part , please see the drafting drawing i have created

My concers

1. how can i properly show welds on all the locations,

2. do i have to show on drafting how each member is cut and joined (angles and distances where it attached)

3. Should i provide lots of detail views (but still don't bombard them with so much information for a simple platform)

if you can edit my file with your recommendation that would also be very helpful

thanks , all feedback appreciated even about something else you find not the right way


PS: i removed many notes related to my company (hence many blank spaces)