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Manually creating splices in SW Electrical 2018

Question asked by Jason Lieving on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Jason Lieving

I've poked around online and have seen one other question asked about this with no responses, so I will try again. I am a new user with SW Electrical Schematic and the 3d add-in. I am in the wire harness world currently dealing with large automotive type harnesses that contain large amounts of splices containing multiple wire up to 8 in some cases. I have modeled a 3d splice with 1 connection point going in and 8 going out. My issue is when I route harnesses, the splices are only being considered at terminal 1 in the route and ignoring the other terminals. I have all my splices defined in my schematic and all cable cores associated and added to the harness. It is possible that I have my circuit and terminals not defined correctly. Another issue; I am not an electrical guy, so please go easy on me.

I have the symbols set up as passing type with terminals. I also ran a rules check with no errors. I have attached several pictures with hopes someone can lend some assistance. Thanks in advance. (by the way, I know when I upgrade to 2019 or higher, I will get some better tools to use with splices. For now this is what I am stuck with ) I am sure some of you experts will spot the issue right away.