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Steam Condenser not modeled correctly

Question asked by Ryan Kabir on Apr 7, 2020
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I am having trouble modeling my heat exchanger in the fluids simulation. I have a shell-tube heat exchanger that uses water in the tubes and steam in the shell. The steam is supposed to flow around the baffles and tubes, heating the water and condensing as it continues. 

I have set boundary conditions for the inlet flow rates of the steam and water, environmental pressures at the exits to have the fluids flow, and set domains for both fluids. Every time I run the simulation, the simulation fails around iteration 80 or a 100 and tells me to contact support service?

Currently the calculation parameters:

  • Domains for water and steam
  • Internal Analysis
  • heat conduction in solids
  • time dependent

I had one simulation work, but because of tweaks I made to the design, I was never able to get the same flow. I forgot to save the diagrams for the purpose of display. Furthermore, every simulation ends up failed or the heat transfer does not occur.

What I don't understand:

  1. Why is the simulation failing and advising me to contact support?
  2. How do I ensure that the steam will flow through all the baffles?
  3. How do I ensure that the water will flow through every pipe?
  4. Are there any tutorials explaining how to model heat exchanger flows and thermal analysis?

Sorry for the large amount of questions, I've been battling this issue for weeks