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Very Simple Part Split Won't Work?

Question asked by Tony McHale on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Paul Salvador

I am trying to split the part in the image below to remove everything below the top face of the extrude. (Want to remove what's highlighted yellow in the first image)


I can only get the split to work when the ring sweep has "Merge tangent faces" turned off. However, turning off this setting reveals a cut in the ring for some unknown reason. The sweep I am using is circular profile on a very straightforward circle path. I would like to remove the ring material below the extrude top face, while maintaining the ring as one solid piece. Any idea why I'm unable to do such a simple task? Of course, I could just do an extruded cut on the ring, however this doesn't seem like the "proper" way of doing it so I feel like it's worth asking.