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Detailing - option to turn on hole darkening for open holes instead of being unfilled?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Jim Steinmeyer

Hello all,

I have a (hopefully) simple question regarding the "filling / shading" of open holes when a drawing is created for a part.  I've been using SW for years and never received any complaints on my drawings which always show open holes as "hollow" / not filled but I am very curious if the option exists to be able to show these open holes shaded / black as per the snip below.  I've done googling and see no hits unless I'm not using the correct keywords.  Any info would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


Steel structural drawing format used by almost all of our detailers: (open holes shown as solid black filled ones):


My SW drawing for example: (open holes shown "hollow / unfilled": --> is there an option under settings / detailing etc. to turn the hole shading on?