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Exporting STL creates auto-imported graphic

Question asked by Jesse Kaiser on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by Paul Salvador


I recently switched to SW 2019 (the most recent our company has) and ever since, when I try to export a part as an .stl, it automatically creates and opens the stl part in a new Solidworks window. Of course it has to parse and process the part, which takes several minutes if I have a completely detailed plastic part with draft, fillets, etc. It never did this before on SW 2016.


Does anyone know how to set it to just save without opening and viewing the .stl part file? I save quite a few parts as .stl's to 3D print for fit-up/testing, so it can get quite time consuming when each part I export tries to open in a new window and completely parse. If it's a complex part it sometimes crashes SW. 

Any help would be appreciated.