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Transient analysis with moving parts animation

Question asked by Maite Maite on Apr 6, 2020



In the last few weeks I've started using SolidWorks Flow to simulate the flow inside a pipe with a rotating helix in the centre. To simulate the rotation I've used the "frozen rotor" approach, in which the flow volume rotates (together with the pipe wall) and the helix is kept still as if it was the stator.

I'm trying to see the shear stress generated on the wall (with a surface plot) when the helix rotates. I'd really like to generate an animation in which I could see how the shear stress marks move when the helix is rotating. However, when I try to add an animation the helix doesn't rotate and neither do the marks on the walls.

Would there be any way to achieve this? I've found this video where they do pretty much what I'm trying, but they don't explain how...


I've attached the file for you to get a clearer idea of what I have now.


Thank you very much in advance!