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Macros for Simulation

Question asked by Carlos Ferreira on Apr 6, 2020

Hi Guys,


I am trying to write a macro for my simulation results, I am battling to find out 2 "pieces of code" if you will:


on the simulator:

- how to order the macro to "hide/show" the external Load arrows (and how to copy these to a .txt doc)

- how to order a macro to extract the reaction forces 


Attached a video which I can show exactly how I would love my macro to look like - Please note the "image capture" I know how to add it, however I do not know how to "hide/show" the External Load Arrow nor to show the reaction results form the report 


I have been able to set everything except these two points above 


Any help would be much appreciated 


Videos attached with the perfect macros (if the macros from SW would be able to obbey to all the commands) 


ps - why the help page from solidwords (which shows the code for the Visual Basic etc) does not work on the macros?