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Having trouble importing small size IGES/STL as solid bodies

Question asked by Uchenna Offor on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by Chris Dordoni

Hello all,


I have a model sent to me that was made from Rhino and it was sent both as IGES and STL. I urged the person who sent it to me to reduce the file size as much as possible which was done and they're attached below.


These aren't large files but I'm having trouble opening them. Am I impatient or is something else going on??


I have a 8GB RAM laptop so this should not even be close to overloading it. It doesn't have the best graphics card (AMD Radeon A6), but it's opened SolidWorks files this size and more before without problems.


My goal is to change one of these to STEP files because that's what is needed.