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Import Autocad block into solidworks

Question asked by An Phan on Apr 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2020 by An Phan

Hi everyone,

Im having 2 problems with SW block insert right now:

1/ on youtube, when they inserting Autocad block into SW, the convert sketch board will show up, but when i try, SW just add the block in right away without the board, do they remove that step in the newer version or any other reason? When i open cad sketch that board still show up normally


2/ i already change the unit to MMGS but when i insert cad block in, they auto change to inch (like i have a 5mm square, when i insert to SW, it change to 127mm(5mm*25.4mm) square). i already save in both .dwg and .dxf and it still the same, how can i keep that 5mm square block after i insert it to SW?


Youtube video:, u can check at 0:50 when that board show up


My video for both problem: (sorry cause i dont know how to attach a video here, i press insert video and drag mine in, and then they play video, there is no button to add it in)


Tks in advance,