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More Wing Lift Questions

Discussion created by Joel Thompson on Apr 3, 2020



I have been watching a lot of videos on how to use Flow Sim.  Some are very good.


But, I still have a lot of questions.  Also, there have not been any responses to my original question:  How to Create a Wing Lift Curve?  Any inputs there are greatly appreciated.


A couple of other questions:

1.)  I saw how to use a 2D computational domain to limit the area where data will be calculated. The three images show my 2D slice through a wing.  Since this marrow slice cuts off all rest of the normal computational domain, is the data created by this slice accurate?

2.)  My real aircraft design is not so simple.  It is a canard where the canard is lower than the main wing.  I am very interested in determining the interaction between the low canard and the high wing.  Using this technique (narrow 2D slice), which will include the canard, will I get accurate data? 

3.)  Is this a method that I can use to get wing loads for each required section of the wing and canard?

4.)  Flow Simulation has Torque parameters for X, Y, and Z.  Since torque is force x distance, is the 'distance' the value from the wing section to the global axis?


Thanks for any and all inputs.  I know these are dumb questions, but, hey, consider the source!!!  



Joe T.