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Default revision number

Question asked by Milos Rankovic on Apr 3, 2020

I am wondering how I can change the default revision number from 1 to zero. Standard in our company is that every new drawing has a revision table with revision zero as the first line. Column property for revision table is set to revision. Value of revision is zero, as it is should. Things are getting more funny when I add next revision row. Revision number is incremented to 2, and revision symbols have number 2. By adding new revision row (3), revision symbol has number 3, and yes, by manually changing revision number in table, rest of the revision symbol numbers are changed accordingly. Not that a big problem but we have a revision number in a title block, and this value is 1 for values zero and one from revision table. It means that when I manually change revision number in revision table from 2 to 1, revision number in title block stays the same - 2. I simply can not get revision number to be zero. 


Is there a place somewhere where is this default revision number set, or I have to manually change it every time I want to add/change revision? Also, we don't have PDM to control it.