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Flow simulation doesn´t crash, but seems to be sleeping...:)

Question asked by 1-HVOYZP on May 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by Joe Galliera
Hi everyone...

I don't know if theres alreaddy some topic about this, but that's where i'm having troubles now.
Sometimes, when i do some flow studies the flow simulation doesn´t seem to work. Like this: i'm doing some internal flow study with simmetry in one direction, i use the wizard to define all the properties i want, and then change or add everything else that i need to describe my real situation. The problem it's when i try to create a mesh or solve, cause the simulator seems to be calculating but doesn't appear the usual window showing the calculation properties. another thing that happens is that the icons in the main window of solidworks are inactive which i think proves that the CPU is processing the I correct??!
What do you think it's happening??!

Best regards, Joao Amaral