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My transient thermal analysis doesn't fit to the reality

Question asked by Louis Collienne on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by Jay Seaglar

Hello, as part of an internship projet, I've made a transient thermal analysis but I need help because it doesn't fit to reality.
The purpose is to heat an aluminium cell with 6 cartridges heater inserted inside the cell.
I've designed the cell, the heat insulator and the cartridges. I set the initial temperature for all the parts to 300K, the heat power to 40W to each cartridge.
(given by the cartridges datasheets) and the convection to all exposed faces to 10W/(m².K)(I've used the table for natural air convection and I've seen that the value is between 5-25).
I've also chosen the right material for each part.

To reach 200°C, in the software I need 80 second and, in reality, I need 10 minutes ...
What am I doing wrong?