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Design Checker incomplete font checks

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Apr 2, 2020

While setting up the Design checker to check document font settings, I found that the included list in the Design Checker was incomplete. So using Design Checker cannot update all the fonts in a document.


I gathered all of the font settings in the document settings, changed the settings with all available design checker font options and matched up what font's actually changed.


I put the following list together showing the comparison. In red, are the options that Design Checker did not update. Blue represents all the font settings that Design Checker does update.

A few things to note.

  • Design Checker's "Document's Dimension Font Check updates all the sub fonts under the document's Dimensions section.
  • Design Checker's "Document's View Label Font Check" Should have been called "Document's View Name Font Check"
  • Design Checker's "Document's Section View Label Font Check" Should have been called "Document's Section View Name Font Check" 


Solidworks 2018SP5

Hopefully, in the future, we can get a more complete design checker.