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Harmonic Analysis

Question asked by MOHAMMAD GOLMOHAMMADI on Apr 2, 2020
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For Harmonic analysis on Solidworks, I have different ranges of frequency, and for each range there is a specific sine amplitude. The duration of acting force is also given which is 360 seconds. My questions are the following:


1. The input force for harmonic analysis on Solidworks is the amplitude or maximum value of force?

I mean that according to this equation: F = F_0 sin (wt), the F_0 is indeed the force that I have insert as the input force on soildworks and is calculated (for example for the range 1-5Hz) : F_0 = 10*0.4*mass(Kg)*Safety Factor = [Newton]

Did I understand it correctly?


2. And also, I want to plot a graph of dependence between time (360 seconds) and frequency range to understand how the harmonic load is changing in each frequency range by time. How can I do it?


The table is attached to this post.