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How to simulate a water spray propagating in the air?

Question asked by Jacek Michalski on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by Jacek Michalski


I would like to simulate a water spray coming out of the nozzle at a given velocity and then propagating in the air and interacting with the solid body:



The simulation is actually in 3D.

I'm not sure if my approach is correct. I chose time-dependent free surface flow with two fluids (water and air) and gravity included. Water flow inside the first object is not interesting for me so I used external flow and applied inlet boundary condition to the blue surface representing the nozzle exit. For this boundary condition I chose water under Substance Concentrations. The air is still so I didn't specify any velocity in General Settings.


Are these settings correct or should I use different options? Maybe it's possible to solve this without free surface flow. How can I make sure that computational domain is filled with air (I couldn't find such setting anywhere)? And lastly, is it possible to account for the fact that what leaves the nozzle is actually not a stream of water (like from hose) but a spray/mist?


Thanks in advance for your help