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Abysmal server and network infrastructure, potential solution.

Question asked by Justin Pires on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Frederick Law

I suffer from an improperly set up and non-managed network and server.

I have something far worse than not having any IT support. We have a "Buddy who sorta does this stuff"

We dont have PDM, and it's off the table.

I have mapped network drives that are flaky at best.

I'm supposed to have a gigabit connection, but in reality I have FAR less.

All my projects are on the server and "copying" them to work locally has been hazardous and a pain so I work mostly from the server.

I dont know if the server has any back-up routine, or if I have access to those if they exist. Instead I have a few batch files to back up to my HDD.


A few of the really bad symptoms are: really slow loading of large assemblies, several different connection problems, SW and Windows File Explorer locking up and crashing, BSOD on restart sometimes.


I have reached out to my VAR and unless I invest in PDM they cant help.


I've quoted the services of a proper and respectable outfit several times and management suffers from sticker shock. I have tried wording arguments to get them to see the $ benefits of working at full speed. I have failed.


So I'm thinking of taking matters into my own hands. Proposing to management that I fix it myself. I cant do any of the wiz-bang awesomeness a proper IT can turn out but I think I found something within my capabilities over at reddit, I found this by CaptinDoStuff Working from home but need to have a shared folder with your team? Roll your own PDM (lite) : SolidWorks 

and I would greatly appreciate a few people share their thoughts on this. I'm also interested in alternatives, please feel ree link any instructional articles about data management like this. Ive been thru several of hawkridge and javelin and nothing really jumped out at me.


My primary concerns are with:

Backing-up the cloud whats-it locally.

Intellectual Protection. (I duno if google still has that "all your cloud things is mine" clause in their EULA or terms and conditions)

Migration to the whats-it. Right now I have 2 mapped drives, the first is password protected and read only. That's where we keep Vendor parts, completed projects (ha, we have none), and Drafting Standards (Templates, Macros, dim favorites, gauge tables, ECT.) The second is where all my projects are. I have no idea of the time investment t re-link all the missing vendor parts and ECT. Gerd forbid I have broken or missing references afterwards.


It's entirely possible that I'm trying to bite off more than I can chew. I've been trying to attract a lead mechanical designer to work for us and they have all taken one look at the network and organization and said nope call me when this abortion is fixed.