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Drawing performance

Question asked by Roy Potter on May 11, 2009
Latest reply on May 12, 2009 by Roy Potter
Apart from turning everything off has anyone got any tips on speeding up drawings?
Pan and zoom is sluggish adding notes with leaders is also sluggish.
This is with assemblies.
Compared to others I would not consider the assemblies large

Total number of components in UpperGroundLayout: 628
Parts: 595
Unique Part Documents: 103
Unique Parts: 34
Sub-assemblies: 33
Unique Sub-assemblies: 18
Unique Sub-assembly Documents: 7
Maximum Depth: 2
Number of top level components: 437
Resolved components: 404
Lightweight components: 177
Suppressed components: 47
Number of top level mates: 653
Number of bodies: 1728

Each year is the same even with hardware upgrades.
(x64 next?)