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8. Can the pneumatic reference also be displayed as an attribute in a single line symbol?

Question asked by Martin Denk on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Evan Stanek

Hi guys,

in Electrical schematics you can set a cross reference for electrical symbols like relais or others. In my project I use this cross reference as an attribute of a single line symbol as an additional information like you can see in attached pic.

I can´t find same function for a pneumatic or hydraulic part. There is no selection if I click on a symbol. In project configuration I can set for pneumtic/hydraulic circuits a cross reference but this is not done, yet. I don´t know wich symbol I should choose there for this selection. Does anybody here has had a similar issue?

My aim is to define an attribute for the pneumatic part of this component in same way as for electrical cross reference.