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Working from Home and Using a Collaborative Server

Question asked by Matthew Koshman on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Jeff Jordan



During this COVID-19 pandemic my company has told all the engineers to work from home.


We are seeing significant SolidWorks Electrical latency issues. Yes, dropping from a gigabit network connection to a 200MBps (Or worse) connection should see some performance variance but not all of my colleagues are seeing the same issues. There are four of us that would be working on the collaborative server at one time. Only my boss consistently has no issues with latency and lag with the program. The rest of my colleagues and I see performance issues. My boss and I have similar internet speeds. We use a VPN to connect to our collaborative server.


As a measure of theses issues we have been measuring the time it takes for SolidWorks Electrical to boot up. For my boss it take less than a 1 minute. For the rest of us it takes anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to boot up. It mainly gets hung up trying to connect to the database with the following prompt:


   "Connecting to database... Please wait..." 


Boot up is not the only issue, there are other latency issues but this is the only we are focusing on at the moment. We have had IT try to determine what might be the problem, but they have found no issues with the server or our laptops. Would anybody on this forum have any ideas of what we can try?


These issues significantly affect our productivity and we may be forced to work from home at least until May.


We are running:

   Version: 2016.0.4 Professional Edition

   Build: 26

   Collaborative server version: 3.00