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STEP Assemblies feature works

Question asked by Stephane Morvan on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by Josh Brady

Hello all,


I have imported a STEP assembly with about 80 parts in it (originating from Catia File, from what I am told, and probably could get something more useful but it will not happen).


I left 3D Interconnect on during the import, and I now have an assembly file full of virtual / embedded parts within the file. I would like to run FeatureWorks (FW) on each of those parts (I know...) but I can't because feature works is only available when editing parts instead of an assembly (I am on 2018 SP 5).


So, I saved the assembly as a multibody part and then use the 'Save Bodies' feature to export each file to an individual file (of the split part type), which is kinda backward but I could not find a better way to do it.


Unfortunately, I was still not able to run FW on each of the individual part (which are of the split part type + the FW option is greyed out). There is no 'Dissolve' option available either. I tried saving the part as a regular part (instead of a split part type) but still no go.


So... What should I do differently to:


STEP Assembly -> Solidworks Assembly -> Solidworks Parts -> FeatureWorks.





PS: Sorry, I can't share the file, confidential and all.