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Turbine Motion Study

Question asked by Venkat Ganesh on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by S. Y.

I'm trying to run a force analysis on a modified design of a vertical axis wind turbine to get a plot of the force on the blades over degree of rotation (Example attached)

The operation of the turbine is that when wind blows from a direction, on one side the blade opens up (since there is no restriction) and on the other side, the blade is restricted by the support so it rotates in that direction. (Schematic pic attached). Inputs on how to replicate that would be helpful.


I've designed and constrained the model, which works correctly when I try to move around the model using physical dynamics in model view. I thought I'd try to setup a motor and on the spindle and make it rotate to see if the mechanism works, and later setup the model with forces, but I'm unable to set the starting position of the blades and run the motion study. Kindly guide.


Edit: I've attached the file in step format as well.