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Adding Weldment Lengths to BOM in assembly?

Discussion created by Evan Krech on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by Jim Sculley

So this is going to need quite a bit of context as I'm not entirely sure what to even look for on the forums for a solution.


I don't have an extensive history with SW but I've learned an overwhelming amount in the last few months. I am currently creating cabinets for my company and I've developed a BOM that adds in the raw material for calculating the square footage of the plywood, oak, etc. (was super stoked when i got that down).


I am now running into this new weird world of weldments. I don't have full understanding of weldments but I have enough knowledge to know that the extrusions follow along lines. Some of the cabinets have t-molding, or edgebanding applied around the edges; and the best way i've found to do this is via weldments! They have proven very useful for me as some edges are curved and the weld compensates for that with ease! Which brings me to my issue... 


I need to take the total weldment lengths and display it as a numerical Ft. value for procurement to effectively cost out the build. Problem is, In the assembly, there is no "weld cut list" table for me to select! only Weld table and to no success was i able to figure out how to use that table. 


When I'm in the individual parts, I can create a drawing>create a weldment cut list table> and it will give me the lengths of each weldment and i can create a "total" row to add up the lengths. But I need all the lengths added up and placed in my assembly BOM and I can't figure out a way to do that. From what my co-worker told me, the weld table is for calling out essentially "attachment method" of the weld. I don't know if i can utilize the weld table, or the BOM table to generate this value, If anyone knows of a way to accomplish this or maybe a different approach, I'm all ears!