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Radial Explode: Unable to explode certain components from their centre axis

Question asked by Matthew Carter on Apr 1, 2020

Solidworks 2018: I am trying to radially explode some components that are placed around a cylinder but it won't give me the option to explode them when i select them, if I try to force the correct explode axis by selecting the cylinder it just deselects my components. I can select certain other components in the assembly with this forced axis and they will explode fine though, or I can select an axis through one of those other components and the components i want to explode with explode about that axis, but this isn't the one i want...  any thoughts?



Cannot change axis or select apply.

Axis selected but now can't select my components:

Studs can be selected and exploded:

Can select axis from something else and my components will explode, albeit not exactly how I want: