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What are you doing for PDM multi-site performance?

Question asked by Chris Johnson on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Tim Webb

Hello Team-


I am pretty sure there are a ton of posts in regard to the performance of PDM replicated sites. I'm here to add to it...


I have a PDM setup based in Virginia with a replicated site in Colorado. SQL and main archive lives in Virginia


Latency is around 70-80ms

Link is 1GIG at both locations

PDM 19' SP5



My users often complain of the slow check-in/out, navigation and 'clicks' pretty much anything surrounding anything PDM.


I have thrown new servers, bandwidth, SQL maintenance plans, WAN accelerators (software-based) at this.  I have also tried the DB replication, which for me was too buggy to have in production. I have a very small user base downstream, no more than 10 actual writers and 10 read-only users.  We never see performance issues in Virginia.


What is everyone else doing to combat this?