Jim Dirmaier

Coronavirus Quarantine and CSWA Proctoring

Discussion created by Jim Dirmaier on Mar 30, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Justin Pires

With all of our schools shut down for the rest of the 2019 school year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I will be unable to proctor the academic CSWA in a classroom setting. My students are preparing for the exam but don't know if there will be some relaxing this year by SolidWorks of the current rule that "The CSWA - Academic exam is only available through qualified educational institutions, and only given in a proctored environment."(Dassault Systemes CSWA website).


Can anyone help me answer this? I imagine that there are a lot of other teachers in this situation this year. I need to know the answer this week as I am making curriculum plans for the rest of the year.