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Adobe Print to PDF Cutting off portion of drawing

Question asked by Jaryd Flores on Mar 30, 2020

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to use Adobe Print to PDF to print 8 different drawing sets and each time it is cutting a small portion off the bottom. It's as if there is a white box placed on top of the drawing, but there is nothing in the actual drawing. The print preview looks as if everything is normal. So far I have tried printing at a different a work station, and changing some page scaling options. As a part of the edits, I changed references in some of the drawings and for some reason that fixed 2 of the drawing sets, but not for the others. Nothing has worked consistently across all the drawing sets. Also, the company requires that I use adobe print to pdf. I'm on SolidWorks Pro 2019 SP3.0. Any help here is greatly appreciated.