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Can I force SW to include normal add-ins when starting programmatically?

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Mar 30, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Jim Sculley

I've noticed that when I start SW via API methods or by using Activator.CreateInstance, many add-ins are not loaded.  For instance, here is the Task Pane when I start SW normally (e.g. from its shortcut):


Note that the PDM add-in is loaded and the full list of available add-ins is extensive:


When I start it from code, the PDM add-in is not loaded

and the list of available add-ins is much shorter



Is there any way to ensure that SW starts in the same way from code as it does when starting it normally?  I see that there is  SPR 453529 (Starting SolidWorks from third-party application and bringing it to foreground does not load the active add-ins), but no workaround is provided.