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PDM revisions update

Discussion created by Ben Galili on Mar 30, 2020
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So lets say I have a part outside of the PDM (from before we started using it). this part has a variable called Revision which is filled manually by the user. 

Lets say the variable has a value of 05.

Now I insert the file to the PDM and the Dassault vendor has fixed it so the revision value is automatically inserted as the actual revision of the part in PDM.

The problem:

when I change state of the part in my workflow  to a state in which the revision value is supposed toincrease to a value of 06, it goes instead to 01.

which is very bad for me.  

I have many parts like this and I'm looking for a way to have this problem solved automatically or by a macro/dispatch to multiple selected files.

I attached the files.