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Free or reduced subscription subscription for those coming to end of their term and are affected by COVID-19

Question asked by Rodrigo Peralta on Mar 29, 2020

Is there any talk / chance of Dassault providing an extension for those on subscriptions due to the COVID-19 crisis? A lot of manufacturing businesses have experienced severe reductions in their income due to this crisis and are struggling to keep their staff employed and their businesses afloat. We are scrambling to find any way to reduce costs while maintaining capability.


As it happens, my subscription expires on April 4th. When I approached my VAR about any possibilities of the subscription being extended either free of charge or at a reduced cost, the only "offer" i got was either to finance it (thereby increasing our costs) or to buy a 3 month instead of 12 month license - again increasing our costs.


I don't understand this business model. I understand that extending licenses would mean a loss of revenue, but it wouldn't actually mean an increase in expenses to Dassault and the VAR's. If they are worried about providing support to these licenses, they could offer the extension on the condition that the extended licenses don't access this support.


The alternative is that many users will have to cancel their suscriptions. At a time when so many are struggling and so many are doing what they can to keep our communities going, surely there must be something that Dassault can contribute?