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Parametric study (sweep) of inner or outer diameter (Flow Simulation)

Question asked by Ljuboslav Boskic on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Ljuboslav Boskic

Hello all,



I am trying to do a parametric study of an inner and outer diameter of a custom object I have made- let's just consider this a fan. So clearly for this fan, I can adjust the inner and outer diameter and that would change the airflow or velocity profile. I have declared a boundary condition on the area between the inner and outer diameter to be my flow field/flow velocity.


Now that I have explained the setup a bit, I am curious how can I do a parametric study of different varying inner diameters to start? This would adjust the velocity profile I would have. I have been able to declare a global variable for inner and outer diameter - hence if I change it at the global level it changes it in the Flow simulation/ assembly. How can I do a parametric study on varying different dimensions while being able to see each result? I know in COMSOL this is possible but not sure how to do it in Flow Simulation. 



I was able to do 'design study' which I essentially declared a step size for the inner diameter and just used area as the thing to look at but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. I am looking for a parametric sweep which I want to see the velocity profile of the different varying dimensions of inner/outer/or both inner/outer diameter.


If anyone has been able to implement a parametric sweep of a variable and able to see the results with flow simulation please let me know. Worse case is I run a simulation every time I change the inner diameter manually, and save the results but that seems like it should be automated. Thanks!