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Decreasing one component's temperature

Discussion created by Brais Luar on Mar 28, 2020



I am trying to decrease one component's temperature. To do so, I have designed with SolidWorks an aluminium enclosure and now I want to simulate with Flow Simulator whether this enclosure is helping or not. Once I run my simulation in Flow Simulation, temperature values are really high (much more than they should be). I cannot find what I am doing wrong. I hope you can help me! 



- Analysis type: internal

- Exclude cavities withouth flow conditions (I have checked it)

- Physical features:

   - Heat conduction in solids


Fluid: air

Solid: aluminium

Wall conditions:

- Outer wall thermal condition: heat transfer coefficient (226W/m2 = aluminium)


Then, I have included two solid materials:

- Component (made in aluminium). This is the electrical component I want to study its temperature as it is, tends to overheat when it is working.

- Case (made also in aluminium). 


I have added two boundary conditions:

- One for "environment presurre" on the bottom side (as this part is completely open. I have created a lid in this area prior to setting the environment pressure).

- One for the aluminium case as "real wall", stating its heat transfer coefficient (226W/m2=aluminium) and wall thickness (8mm).


I have added as heat source the electrical component itself with a power consumption of 10W.


And, finally, I have set as Goal to know solid temperature (component).


Could you please let me know your thoughts about whether my approach is correct? What would you recommend me to modify?


Thank you in advance.