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when is a curvature continuous surface really c2?

Question asked by Glen Walters on May 10, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by Valery Rutkovskiy
I have a SW surfacing question for the SW gurus

It seems the continuous option SW offers for the various surface types is not really continuous or perhaps there is a problem with the porcupine curvature display?

I attached a simple surface model to show this.
I created a simple lofted surface with compound surface. I cut square hole thru this surface. I created surfaces to fill the hole using each surface tool SW offers for doing such things .....fillled surface, boundry surface, and lofted surface. I created an intersection curve thru the center of these filling surfaces and turned on the curvature display for each. The curvature display indicates that the surfaces are not curvature continuous.

Is this really the case or I am I missing something?

sw 2008 sp5