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The Missing 5% Functionality: Bill Of Materials

Discussion created by Brian Graves on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by The Merovingien

Starting this one off with the most frustrating problem with BOM that we all can relate to as it affects all of our productivity. 


When you have a large BOM and need to manually sort it or want to edit custom properties through the BOM the GUI is terribly terribly slow as it is hammering your CPU and attempting to redraw the entire drawing. Why can't we get an equivalent to "edit text in new window" when you want to edit a note and not be impeded by the terribly slow graphics area updating? We need a "Edit BOM in new window" like Inventor has.


When I'm dissolving (usually weldments to create a cut list for the job) and editing a really large BOM sometimes when I rebuild or save the document, all of the dissolved weldments will magically un-dissolve and I have to start all over again.


You cannot edit the custom properties of a cut list item through a "Weldment Cut List" BOM like you can in a regular BOM