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Composer toolbar drastically changed overnight

Question asked by Joy Raines on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Thomas Kurtmann

Hello everyone!

Just started using Solidworks Composer 2015 recently. Yesterday when I was working on it, I had a beautiful toolbar with options like Transform, Animate, Window, etc. See my first photo for an example. When I finished working, I pressed saved and closed the program.


Today it looks very different -- see my second photo for an example. I also am not sure how to find my Assemblies in this new format, or how to animate.  I'm not sure what went wrong in just one night.


I found it so much easier to use yesterday with the larger toolbar and more options obviously available to me. Navigating the program was pretty simple--as someone who is extremely new to Solidworks Composer, that was really important! Now I'm just so lost. 


I'm sure that there's an obvious fix, I'm just so new to the program that I'm not sure what it is. 


If you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated!