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Flip Mate Alignment - "Flip Last Mate" command?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Tom Gagnon

Is there a command to Flip the last mate created without finding and selecting it first?


In assemblies, I primarily mate adjacent components to each others' reference entities. They are consecutive in the tree for order, and in folders or subassemblies so that I can collapse portions to avoid scrolling past them.  This is visually nearby and not difficult at all to locate the new mate generated to flip.


Per design intent, I mate some components to primary reference planes, such as a reference plane parallel to Top Plane in the assembly where the orientation is functional and not relative to nearby items. So, I'm working among items down in the tree, then scroll up to select primary reference plane and create the mate. The delay that I want to remove is the scrolling back down to find, select, and flip the last mate. Because I am mating to a reference entity, it does not have a mates folder nearby to expand, select, and flip similar to mates between components.


I would appreciate a Flip Last Mate command. idea


At least two workarounds exist. In no way does the presence of any more complex workaround negate the practical suggestion of a simple useful tool utilizing only one or two inputs.



When History folder is enabled, it is handy at the very top of the tree where I can select the last created item and flip it from there. However, having history enabled contributes to increasing file size. I had used this when I began using SWx, but have discontinued its use when I began creating large assemblies.


View Mates.

This is available from any entity. However, when many items are mated to the entity, the list is long and only reproduces the scrolling action in a different context.


Any "Flip Last Mate Alignment" option should also be a command for accessibility, with its icon placement customizable in the UI as desired, or even assigned as a keyboard shortcut.