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EPDM search - why so complicated

Question asked by Damir Galic on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Damir Galic

Why doesn't search support brackets and & or | inline?

For example: (pipe 50 | pipe 40) & welding

Which would then search all text that contains either "pipe 50" or "pipe 40" and "welding"

Additionally it could change spaces to AND meaning: "pipe & 50" or "pipe & 40" and "welding"


But solidworks develpers just had to make it so useless.

If you write text in search box it will search all words with OR option instead of AND.


Basically it's really difficult to search a file name that has to contain multiple words.


I know you can use quotes, but then it would have to be exact word.


Basically I can share this how it could be done. It's from my excel program.


So then you could write 1 line search with AND and OR conditions.